About Fire on the Bayou

Fire on the Bayou combines artistry with technology and creates connections with consumers. We elevate the significance of brand content that resonates in an ad resistant world.


Why we do it

Advertising used to be simple. Create a message, make a commercial, buy some airtime, and direct the audience to your store. Well your store is now everywhere. On your office desk, on your phone, at your home, on the cloud, and everywhere in between.

Why it works

The new media space relies on traditional advertising connotations, but it challenges the brand to bend those rules to remain current and relevant. Content is the modern way for consumers to live within the brand. Yet it is still as simple as just plain communication. In contrast, it doesn’t matter if a medium is social, digital, analog, smoke signal, or a banner flying behind a plane. It is simply communication, but in this day and age the freedom of that communication is endless.