FOTB’s is staffed with artists who can build, shoot, animate, design, write, and concept their own ideas. Combining entertainment, and film-making expertise to concept and produce highly effective content. We purposely try not to place limits on what we can provide our clients.

What we do

FOTB is dedicated to providing our partners with innovative, and creative content that moves and engages audiences. We believe that content is a direct conduit that brings consumers as close to a brand as possible. The continuation of content is purchase.


Broadcast Creative Services – Writing and storyboarding of video content for television and web. 

Production- On set video content production.  Content produced by the best production crew the region has to offer.   

Post Production- Creative video editing, Color Correction, 3d animation, 2d motion graphics, and sound design. 

Exporting & Delivery Converting and Exporting to all formats.